Dolphin versus Black Sheep

nov 6, 2018 | Niet gecategoriseerd

Next Saturday (November 10th), Black Sheep will play their fifth competition game of the season 2018-2019.
This game is played in Utrecht (De Vechtsebanen) against Dolphin.
The game will start at 20.15 PM.

Last season, Dolphin lost the final against Thor from Amsterdam with just 2 goals. They have been a formidable opponent and often at the top of the rankings. Also this season they make a flying start and are at the moment again in 1st place in group A.

Just like last season, the third division is divided into two groups again. Black Sheep participates in group A. Again a strong group of teams. The same as last season is again played for promotion and degradation.

You can find the whole competition on the site of IJshockey Nederland.

IJCU Dolphin