Black Sheep breaks the spell and wins from Kemphanen

dec 17, 2018 | Niet gecategoriseerd

The spell is broken! After a number of games in a fortunate way lost, there was finally a game that could be closed with a win.
A game that at times was not to be peeped at also had many moments in which good and tight ice hockey was shown.

Especially in our own defense zone we have to play much less panic ice hockey. Creating unnecessary opportunities for our opponent is what we are good at.
This is what we have to work on as a collective.

Where the first two periods were still difficult to score, it was released in the third period for Black Sheep.
Bob van Alen had an unadulterated hatrick this game.

Kemphanen has offered good resistance with hard work and fair play. In particular, the latter resulted in 1 penalty for the entire game. The referees were therefore relatively calm this evening (Falco Veenhuizen and Jaap de Jongh). The same goes for our bench officials (Monique Matthijssen, René de Ruijter and Sandra Galjaard).

The photos where taken by Wesley de Bruin.

Period settings 4-2 | 2-1 | 6-2

The video wrap will be posted later. The photos are on our instagram account.

The next game will be in the new year. This game will be played on Sunday January 6th. It will be played at Sportcentrum-Eindhoven and starts at 19.30 PM. The opponent are the Vikings.