Black Sheep has its first win of the season

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Last Sunday, the first home game was scheduled for Black Sheep. With the loss of last week’s game fresh in memory, the Black Sheep were more than motivated to end this game in their favor.

For the Vikings this was their first competition match. We know that this team, like all other teams from this pool, is a strong opponent with quite some ice hockey qualities.
The Vikings put the first goals on the scoreboard in the first period.
Fortunately, Black Sheep was able to score a goal against a few minutes later.

The second period was a completely different story.
Black Sheep used the short break between the two periods to exchange some tactics with each other which immediately paid off. A total of 6 goals were the result and none against goal.

This was a virtually unbridgeable gap that the Vikings looked at.
The third period was almost a formality. Despite that, Black Sheep did not score any more where the Vikings made their second of the evening.
Thanks to good teamwork and great goalkeeping, the Black Sheep managed to win this game.

You can find a wrap video on our video page or on our vimeo and youtube channels.

Period results 1-1 |
6-0 | 0-1

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Next weekend Black Sheep will visit the Gladiators.
The game starts at 07.30 pm in Nijmegen.

Black Sheep versus Vikings 21102018

Black Sheep versus Vikings 21102018