Black Sheep loses his first competition game

okt 15, 2018 | Niet gecategoriseerd

Last Saturday (13-10-2018) Black Sheep had its first competition game of the season 2018-2019.
Beforehand it was already known that it would be a difficult game. Midnight Players has been a tough opponent with good ice hockey players for years, but if they are supplemented with former BeNe league players, it will become an even tougher candidate. Of course no excuse but for us just a size too big at this moment.

Many of our passes were overcome and we were more in defensive mode than we were attacking.
And what we all know is that if we do not score ourselves, we can not win the match.
Midnight Players went from the first second of the race in sixth gear and we did not have a direct answer. Rapid outbreaks, many interceptions of our passes and just well-played out situations meant that the Midnight Players certainly surpassed us in the first period.

The second period went a bit better and Martijn Sandijck made the only goal for us this evening. A nice pass from Bob van Alen followed by a well placed slapshot made the sour evening a bit sweeter.
The third period was our best period. Unfortunately we could not close it with a draw or win but with the necessary effort we could limit this period to 1 against goal.
Black Sheep worked hard but we were never in control of the game.

All in all a tough evening with nice and occasionally hard hockey where in this case the Midnight Players come out as the right winners.
The period results were 5-1 | 5-1 | 1-0
We will meet the Midnight Players again in our home game in March next year.

Photo’s have been taken by Thijs de Witte – The whole series can be found on his facebook account –
You can find Thijs also as Thijsfotografie –
A small selection of the photos are also on our gallery page.

Next game for Black Sheep is this weekend against the Vikings from Eindhoven. New round, new opportunities. The game is on Sunday 21st of October and starts at 20.45 PM in the Sportboulevard Dordrecht.