Black Sheep losing streak continues in 5-2 blowout against Dutch Dukes

nov 21, 2018 | Niet gecategoriseerd

Black Sheep losing streak continues in 5-2 blowout against Dutch Dukes in Tilburg. Due to all kinds of circumstances Black Sheep traveled with a small selection. A total of 11 players and 2 goalies ended up on the sheet where again the services of Johan van Overveld had to be used.

Johan is normally only a training member but just as with the previous game against Dolphin willing to participate in this race. And not entirely without merit.
Unfortunately, his presence was also unable to avert the fourth loss of Black Sheep.

A disappointing game with yet the necessary goal chances but not finished with sharpness. In addition, the unnecessary puck lose and we are complete why there could not be won this evening.

The Dutch Dukes played a great game and that makes them a justified winner of this competition.
Dutch Dukes made grateful use of our missed opportunities because again here the unwritten law applies, if you do not score then the opponent scores.

Fortunately, 2 goals were placed on the score board in the 2nd period, otherwise the final results would have been completely flared.

We need to sharpen our games and make better use of our opportunities.

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There is no Video wrap or photo session of this game.

The next game will be a friendly game. This game will be played on Sunday December 02nd. It will be played at Sportboulevard-Dordrecht and starts at 20.45 PM. The opponent has not yet been committed.