Competition halted

dec 21, 2020 | Niet gecategoriseerd


Now that it has become known that it will not be possible to play ice hockey again until January 19, it has been decided by IJshockey Nederland to officially stop the competition for the 2020-2021 season.
Unfortunately, the time left after January 19 to play half a league is too short. In addition, it is too unclear what will happen after 19 January 2021 with the measures now in force.
A sad but understandable decision. The 20-21 season is thus really over as far as the competition is concerned.
We knew that this season was going to be a very special one and this expectation has been fully fulfilled.
We are now going to look ahead and focus on the period after January 19 2021 and the upcomming season 21-22.
Hopefully we can keep the group together and find some new growth to be there again.